FP:48 –
Development Site

Follingsby Park 48 offers a design and build opportunity affording up to 47,650 ft2 (4,426 m2) of detached industrial space on a plot of 3.03 acres.

FP:48 is one of the final development plots available. It offers a highly prominent location at the entrance to the estate, within easy sight of the estates security office (open 24/7).



Interactive Map

Available Units

Unit 1

98,507 sq ft

Unit 4

78,259 sq ft

Unit 17B

33,408 sq ft

Unit 19A

8,999 sq ft

Dev Site FP:39

Design build opportunity

39,300 sq ft

Dev Site FP:48

Design build opportunity

47,650 sq ft

Dev Site FP:80

Design build opportunity

80,000 sq ft